Flags Quiz
Flags and Countries of the World – Guess Quiz

Guess country name by its flag. Free quiz with all countries and flags inside.

Europe Quiz
Europe Countries Flags and Capitals quiz

Guess Europe country by its flag and name its capital. Free EU geography quiz.

America Quiz
America North & South quiz – flags, capitals, maps

Guess flags and capitals of North and South Americas and Caribbean countries.

Asia Quiz
Asia and Middle East countries - flags quiz

Asia and Middle East countries quiz - flags, capitals and maps.

Africa Quiz
Africa countries quiz – flags, maps and capitals

Guess or learn African countries flags and capitals with our fun quiz.

Oceania Quiz
Oceania and Australia quiz – countries and flags

Fun quiz about Oceania and Australia geography and its countries and flags.

USA Quiz
US states quiz – 50 states, capitals and flags

Guess the flag and capital of 50 US states and find their location on a map.

Italy Quiz
Italy Regions quiz – maps and capitals

Pop quiz about Italy regions, its flags, capitals and maps.

Swiss Quiz
Cantons of Switzerland – Crests and Maps quiz

26 Swiss cantons (federal states) quiz. Coats of arms, flags and capitals.

Germany Quiz
States of Germany quiz

Pop quiz about Germany and its sixteen federal states.

Turkey Quiz
Provinces of Turkey Pop Quiz

Turkey Provinces maps quiz. Learn Turkey geography and Provinces names!

Brazil Quiz
States of Brazil quiz

Pop quiz about Brazil states and its names, flags, maps and capitals.

Russia Quiz
Russian Federation regions flags and maps

Russian Federation federal subjects quiz. Russia regions flags, maps, capitals.

France Quiz
France Regions – flags, maps & capitals

Regions of France Quiz. Flags and maps of metropolitan and overseas regions.