Asia Quiz

Asia and Middle East countries - flags quiz

Asia and Middle East countries quiz - flags, capitals and maps.

Asia – land of the rising Sun and incredible miracles. We prepared this quiz app specially for those who wants to learn more about countries of Middle East or train their geographical knowledge.

There are 48 countries in Asia region and we gather them all in one fun and educational app. What is inside “Asia and Middle East countries - flags quiz”?

Countries flags and capitals
Flags of all asian and eastern countries and names of its capitals. You can guess country name or capital by its flag image and vice versa.

Borders map
Do you know where Singapore located? Try to guess country location by borders map. Try to name as much countries as you can!

For students
Learn more about Asia and Middle East geography and countries with our quiz. More than 300 questions to prepare yourself for the exams and tests.

Game Levels
We prepared for you 6 different game levels: 5 of them to test yourself and one is for learning.
  • 1 flag and 4 countries - Guess country name by flags
  • 1 country and 4 flags - Guess flag by country name
  • Map and 4 countries - Guess country by its location on map
  • Flag, country and 4 capitals - Guess capital of the country
  • Capital and 4 countries - Guess the country by its capital
  • Country cards - Learn the country flag and capital

“Asia and Middle East countries - flags quiz” app is translated to 10 different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spain, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese.

This application made with Flutter - Google’s mobile app SDK and Material Design 2.