Africa Quiz

Africa countries quiz – flags, maps and capitals

Guess or learn African countries flags and capitals with our fun quiz.

Africa – is one of the biggest continent of our planet. There are 62 countries in the Africa, which means there are 62 new countries with flags and capitals to guess and learn!

African flags quiz
Guess country name by the picture of its flag! There are 62 different flags so this quiz will be a real flags challenge!

African capitals quiz
There are 62 capitals of different countries in Africa. Are you ready to name every capital of every African country?

African countries borders map quiz
Try to guess country name by its borders map. The more countries to guess the harder it gets!

Study and learn
Study world geography and prepare for exams and school test with our “Africa countries quiz – flags, maps and capitals” app. More than 300 questions to test yourself!

Country cards
Learn more about Africa countries with our simple and informative country cards. Each card has country flag, name and map.

Track your progress
Our quiz will award you with gold star for every completed Africa level. And extra gold star for each level completed without mistakes!

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