Flags Quiz

Flags and Countries of the World – Guess Quiz

Guess country name by its flag. Free quiz with all countries and flags inside.

We have prepared a fun and simple trivia game about world countries flags for you. Our quiz will help you test your geographical knowledge and improve flag guessing skills!

Test your knowledge!
Are you ready to test your flags guessing skills and geographical knowledge? We challenge you to try our Flags Quiz! If you guess all flags right without mistakes made we will reward you with golden star! But remember – no mistakes! Feel free to try as much times as you want.

Play and Learn!
Want to learn something new and looking for a way to improve your geographical knowledge? We glad to help you learn countries and flags with our Flags Quiz. We will reward you with golden star for every completed level. Collect all golden stars and became world countries flags master!

Name all flags!
We have 214 modern world countries and dependent territories names and flags. To makes thing simple and help you improve your skills we divided all country flags by major regions:
  • Europe countries flags
  • Asia countries flags
  • North and South America flags
  • Africa flags
  • Oceania flags
  • World mode with all known world countries names and flags!

Modes and Levels
We prepared for you:
  • 6 different game levels. One level for each major world region
  • 3 different modes for every level.
  • 1 flag and 4 countries - Guess country name by flag.
  • 1 country and 4 flags - Guess flag by country name.
  • And 100! - Try to answer 100 question in a row!

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