France Quiz

France Regions – flags, maps & capitals

Regions of France Quiz. Flags and maps of metropolitan and overseas regions.

There are 18 different France regions: 13 metropolitan regions and 5 overseas regions. This pop quiz is about France regions names, flags, border maps and capitals.

Flags of metropolitan France regions quiz
Every France region has its own flag and coat of arms. Try to guess them all!

Flags of overseas France regions quiz
Some France regions are overseas, which scattered around the worlds. Can you name every overseas France region?

Maps and names of all France regions quiz
Guess France metropolitan and overseas region name by its border maps!

Capitals cities of France regions quiz
Guess France regions capitals by its names and flags. For example, can you name the capital of Grand Est and Corsica?

Country cards
Info cards to learn more about France regions!

Hundreds of questions about France geography!

Learn world geography with our quiz!

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