Americas Quiz

America North & South quiz – flags, capitals, maps

Guess flags and capitals of North and South Americas and Caribbean countries.

We prepared a simple and fun quiz about all Americas countries. Can you guess USA flag and name its capital? Or can you find Cuba or Brazil and more than 30 other Americas countries on the borders map? Let’s find this out!

Test your knowledge
All countries of western hemisphere! Prove your geographical knowledges and guess them all.

Study Americas geography
Need a little help with upcoming exams and tests? We prepared helpful quiz with hundreds of questions about North, Central and South America and Caribbean archipelago countries.

Name all flag and capitals
More than 30 Americas countries, flags and capitals to guess! Some capitals name is harder to remember then others, we have tried!

Borders maps
Guess country name by its borders map and prove that you mastered Americas geography. Caribbean archipelago islands countries are extra tricky to name!

Game levels
We prepared for you 6 different game levels: 5 of them to test yourself and one is for learning.
  • 1 flag and 4 countries - Guess country name by flags
  • 1 country and 4 flags - Guess flag by country name
  • Map and 4 countries - Guess country by its location on map
  • Flag, country and 4 capitals - Guess capital of the country
  • Capital and 4 countries - Guess the country by its capital
  • Country cards - Learn the country flag and capital

This application “America: North, South – flags, capitals, maps quiz” is translated to 10 different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spain, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese.

Enjoy it and spend your time learning something new!

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